Friday, June 18, 2004


Not much exciting happened yesterday. I was pretty busy at work. I didn;t get out for lunch until about 3:45pm. I find that the longer I stay at this job, the more people just seem to bark orders at me instead of asking me to do things. I get phone calls to my office that are like "hey Scott, "X" is broken" *click, dial tone*. To use a friends quote, "Makes me wanna spit blood" Everyone seems to think that they are my boss sometimes, when really 3 people are actually my "superiors".

I then went home and began to set up my computer for using audio and MIDI in OS X Panther. What does that mean, well, for the Windowws users out there, that means I went from using something like Windows 2000 and now I am set up on XP, but, about a gagillion times better (at least for multimedia work). Honestly. I am no longer pro Apple any more. I am Pro what ever friggin works. Ever since my iPod ordeal, I have taken a personal vow to try and never imply that Apple is for everyone, cuz it's not. There computers are great, I will give them that. Well, most of them are anyways, they do have a couple of lemons. Why, my change of heart? Well, about 4 years ago now I got the very first model of iPod that ever came out as a xmas bonus from my old job (cuz I was one of 3 employees busting my ass day and night to try and help get this small business off the ground). It is only 5gb's but that is still plenty of music. It is my second iPod, the first one I had replaced (after I fought with Apple for over a week) because it would not charge or sync to my computer anymore. Here is the thing, iPods batteries only last 18 months, and they are propietary batteries, which means after 18 months you have to buy one of their batteries or buy a 3rd party battery from off the Internet. Joelle was cool enough to offer to pay for the battery to be replaced for my Bday present. I wanted Apple to replace my battery because it is guaranteed that it will work, and they just swap your iPod with a unit that they have already fixed. Ever sincce my iPod battery started fading on me I had been getting a folder icon on my screen which according to my findings on the net means the HD is failing as well, but, that could just be do to the battery as well, I dunno. A 3rd party battery is $50 USD. So I went on the Apple site and filled out this big assed form and then, in the last few steps of this annoying proceedure, I notice it says "TOTAL: $218.23". My eyes literally bulged out of my head like a cartoon character. I was like "WHA!!!???". So I called Apple and over the course of 3 days spoke to 5 different people, each one a useless as the next. I explained to them that I own 7 of their computers and at on point owned 9, I used to work for them as a service technician, I own lots of other products they put out, and I promote their products to everyone. I just asked to speak to someone who could justify the reason that Canadians must pay $220, when Americans only pay $99 USD. All I could get out of them is that the price is set in the US and there is nothing they can do about it. Furious, I told them I'm never going to purchase or promote another Apple product again (lying of course) because asking anyone to pay $220 for a battery, when they can get a brand new, bigger 15gb iPod for $350 seems like a scam to me. The last guy I spoke to said I could send a letter to the main office in Canada but, he admitted, it would prolly just get filed in the garbage. Fucking Bastards. Now, PC's on the other hand is all 3rd party everything, so if it was a PC product, you would pretty much be in the same boat, but, you kinda expect a little more from a company like Apple. Oh well, screw 'em. The moral of the story is, if your considering buying an MP3 player, be sure to look for one that uses regular batteries, and I suggest one with either Fire Wire or USB 2. Joelle ended up buying me a little boom box that plays MP3's and a card that gives me really tight timing for writing music. Both together cost about half as much as that battery would.

I'm heading to London/Strathroy tonight. Joelle is going to Sarnia to help her parents pack, as they are moving soon. Maybe I'll see some of you soon.




At 2:15 PM, Blogger Gormagnum said...

Dude, I had to create an account with this compony in order to write a comment. Is there anyway to turn that off?
Anyway, I was thinking about getting an Ipod myself but never really got around to it. I feel for you about the ordeal you went through. Apple should sponsor you for the ammount of money you have already put into their products.

Anyway, I get my Box back today and will be gaming it up. Are you still stopping by this Saturday? If you have time dude. Later.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can post as anonymous, then just add your name to the bottom.



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