Friday, June 25, 2004

Turkey Tunes

Tonight my friends Dave and Ang are coming to stay for the weekend. We are going to see Mum tonight. Mum arw a band from Iceland I believe. Their early albums are more dancefloor friendly but not your standard techno or house, that's for sure. Their newest album is pretty mellow but still really good. Lots of cool sounds. The two girls that sing have wicked voices, very soft and sultry, almost Julie Cruise esque.

Today a woman is leaving for her maternity leave. She looks like she is ready to pop at any second. I have to set up the server here so she can connect here over the Internet so she can work from home. Personally I can't see a woman with a baby and a 5 year old boy ever finding the time or being in the right head space to work. I guess we'll see.

I'm missing out on the Turkey fest this weekend. My home town Strathroy is the Turkey Capital of the world, or something like that. Cuddy Farms sells the most Turkeys in the world. According to a friend that used to work for them, McDonalds Chicken McNuggets used to be Turkey bought from Cuddy's! Cuddy farms also spreads tons of stinky turkey shit on their fields which in turn reaks up the town to the point where no one wants to be outside. Anyhow, they hold a small festival in the towns main park. It's pretty much always the same. The real highlight for kids is the Zipper that is usually operated by some dude that fits the stereotypical "Carnie" description (dirty, missing teeth, tattoo covered, highschool dropout). If you stand below you can join the kids who hawk the place out all day collecting the change that falls from kids pockets so they can play/cheat at the crown and anchor table to win more money so they can in turn go to one of the games and try and win a Led Zepplin mirror or some big assed scarey knife or pellet gun(although, they are impossible to win). For adults it's the beer tent and the rock acts that play. It's usually some Canadian acts that were popular in the 80's and now are just strugglin for any gig they can get. This year is Kim Mitchell, Helix and Chiliwhack. Apparently the Turkey fest was where Glass Tiger broke up, but I heard from a friend that they played in London a couple of weeks ago.
Finally, they let you go and see the cute little turkey chicks that will grow up fed on food that consists of corn, grain and turkey biproducts, and killed, and then you'll go to Subway or Quizno's and order them on a sub. Mmmmm.

Well, that's all I have the time to write. Have a good weekend!



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