Thursday, June 17, 2004

Vin Diesel makes another movie while children starve.

Yesterday was a sorta interesting day. Got to work, fixed some computer problems, did lots of paper work, and found out that Vin Diesel was filming a movie right around the corner from Alliance Atlantis. What movie? I dunno, 3 Fast and 3 Furious perhaps? I teased my friend Laura for a bit, calling her Laura Diesel and such. She said she might go have her DVD copy of 2 Fast 2 Furious autographed. I laughed and told her she should, especially since he's not in that one I believe. I have nothing against Vinny really. I've only seen one of his movies, XXX(and I couldn't handle watching the whole thing, just too cheesy for me and he always seems so serious) but, I've been told that Pitch Black is a good movie and it is the sequel to the Chronicles of Riddick I guess (there is a huge Riddick billboard right outside my office window right now). I think I may rent Pitch Black tonight and give it a chance cuz, I was asked to go see Riddick on this upcoming weekend. I went for a bit of a walk while on my route for some lunch. I took a look to see if I could see Vin hanging around the shoot or anything but I didn't see him. He was prolly in his trailer or something. In any case, I wasn't too concerned with seeing him anyway.

Dave Walters came over last night. He had a test at York, which, from his description was written to trick people writing it, into choosing the wrong answer. We chatted for a bit and he informed myself and Joelle that there are now more over weight people in the world than there are starving people. That's a scarey thought. I don't necessarily think anyone person is to blame for this, I just think it's crazy that the food in the world is not distrubuted equally so everyone can have the basic necessities to live. I am sure I could handle living with a few less meals in my daily life if I knew that I was actually helping people eat. Although I have a slight distrust for things like Christian relief funds. I think it comes from people helping people in the name of God rather than for the sake of humanity but I am sure the people who work for those funds intentions are to do both. Anything that is advertised on TV, has God as part of it's selling item, then asks for money, seems dodgy to me. I just think that if there is a God and he is all powerful, then what does he need money for?

Anyhow, back to Dave, we had a smoke, talked a bit more about his crazy office (BTW, I highly recommend the Brittish series "The Office". Seriously, just watch it. If you have ever worked in an office before, you can identify with the characters in this show. It is somewhat dry and witty but also absolutely crazy and hilarious. At some points I had to hide my face from the TV screen because I was laughing so hard and I could not believe that the characters were actually doing what they were doing! Watch it, they have series 1 and 2 at many video stores on DVD (in Europe, they call seasons of shows "series" of shows and the whole series is just called the show)). Dave could only stay for an hour or so then he had to catch his bus. It was nice to hang with a London friend in Toronto, I haven't had anyone over for a while, too bad it wasn't for longer, oh well.

I am going home this weekend to see my mom. Now she and my sister aren't really working out as well as we planned and I think my mom needs more of her own space. So I am going to Strathroy Friday night, picking up her stuff, and heading back into London. So I'll prolly be making a few phone calls Friday evening and seeing what people are up to, dependin on what time I get all this stuff back to London of course. My family can be crazy sometimes. I guess everyones family can be crazy though, when view with certain perspectives.

My first music selection for today is:

!!! (pronounced chk-chk-chk or ugh-ugh-ugh- or pow-pow-pow, basically any 3 sounds repeated) it's kinda like the clash, so it's kinda punkish, if they were playing tech house electro stuff. The album is called Louden Up Now.



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