Monday, June 21, 2004


I had a good time in London on the weekend. Hung out with some friends Friday night, Andrew was showing porn on the TV screen, which BTW, it is kinda awkward to try and hold a serious conversation while Paris Hilton is being jackhammered in night mode video by Shannon Doherty's (now) exhusband on a screen right in front of you There is plenty of time for porn, but I think I'd rather watch it when I'm with the person I'm gonna do it with, but that's just me. I'd rate this particular porn flick as very sub par anyway. Paris might as well have been asleep the whole time.

Saturday, I helped my mom out while I was down. Try to take her out for breakfast, got her groceries, cleaned her kitchen, did lots of her laundry, etc...

Later I went over to the Gorman's place. We threw down the gauntlet and I made Gormagnumaximus, Hunter and Dave weep like wee lasses as I cracked open a fresh can of whoopass on them while playing XBox ; P. We played some frisbee (from the way we were playing you would have almost thought it was the most hardcore professional sport evar). We got some Shawarma's, played more xbox, smoked copius amounts, drank, then later Greg made some tasty spaggetti. Good work Greg!

Sunday, I tried all morning to fix my mom's vaccuum but it was useless as the motor was burnt out. Fortunately her friend has an extra one that she is giving her. Joelle, Laura and I headed home. Last night, I tried to finish setting up my computer with the new OS (still have a bit more to do). We watched 21 Grams, which I liked but it was bit tricky to figure out what was going on, then headed to bed.

Good times.



At 10:51 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Hey, I was showing that porn because Christine hadn't seen it and wanted to! I'm a service provider -- I like to think! :)

Also you should put some links to other people's blog's on yours...


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