Monday, July 05, 2004

Back to the cruddy grind

The long weekend is over now. I had a good time. It seemed like we almost weren't going to be able to go but, in the end, things worked out great. We went to Darlington, which is about 15 minutes away from Oshawa and about 7 km's away from nuclear power plants (I didn't go near the water, even though they claim they are safe). I did a hell of a lot of biking anf hiking. The trails are great for trekin around on. My legs feel like rubber today because I did so much exercise. I rode, we walked on nature trails, I attempted to fly a kite (when there was no wind) and I even fire twirled with my friend Ryan (he is really good at fire twirling). We took some pretty cool over exposed pictures of us spinning at night so there is lots of cool trippy fire trails surrounding us. A bunch of drunk kids, all about 15 years old sat and watched us. We smoked and drank copius amounts. Listened to lots of good music, watched a lotta camp TV (aka the campfire), and took naps here and there.

Sunday we woke up early to a grey sky so, we all got up and packed up in a flash. We were all set to go by about 10am. We got back into the city, unpacked, showered, napped, then a few of us went out and watched Farenhiet 9/11. Wicked awesome movie. I am still full of thought from it. We then went over to a friends place and cooked up all the food that would have gone bad from our camping trip if we didn't eat it. We had a feast, watched the pilot to the original Starsky and Hutch, then watched the Simpson's, and finally we headed home. I got home, turned on the A/C, hit our bed and passed out.

Today, nothing to interesting is going on. When I went out for lunch I went into the CIBC at Yonge and Bloor to use the bank machine. The was a large crowd of people in the entry way. Apparently the bank was held up about a half an hour before I got there. They had a sign put up that said, "bank temperarily closed due to robbery". I'm not sure if the dude(s) got away or not but I'm sure I will find out by tomorrow morning.

This week, I'll prolly werk on some music. Next weekend I'm supposed to go to the Indy on Saturday and then see my friends Matt, Mark and Dawn play at the harbourfront center on Sunday along with Manitoba and Moon Dog, unfortunately this show is going to be out doors, right down the street from the Indy's final race so, I think they are going to be competing with sounds of the Indy and them cars are damn loud. So loud in fact, one year I was working on a set of my own, and I could hear the cars so much that I finally just sampled their sounds into my set. anywho, blah,blah,blah.




At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were in the bank when it was being held up, would you try and be a hero like me?



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