Friday, July 23, 2004

It's all too much

This week was a crazeee week. We had some serious tech problems explode in our office, all of which were blamed on me, even though the real problems were due to our shitty assed ghetto make shift network. I have asked my superiors several times to crack open the company wallet a bit for some upgrades but they always ask the same question, "is this going to fix all our problems?". I have to be honest and say "Well, we are still using machines, machines break, there will always be problems but, it will help solve many of our problems". I guess that's not good enough for them so, they never bother taking any of my suggestions. It seems that they would rather let these problems keep reoccurring , and then freak out on me until the problem is fixed. I think sometimes they forget that I am a tech dude, and not a Magician.

Well, at least it's Friday. I've had a hard time recently. I got a lot on my plate and it can get really overwhelming at times. I am glad I have vacation next week. Saturday I have my friend Graham's annual deck party. He lives in the beaches (South/East Toronto) always holds it during the Jazz festival (So he doesn't get in shit for blasting loud music, the jazz music on the street below usually covers up the techno/house blasting on his deck above). He always picks really good local DJ's and this year he even managed to get someone from the Pokerflat label. It should be a good time.

Sunday my friend Laura is picking Joelle and I up at the crack o' dawn to go to our friend Shane's parent's Cottage. A few people still seem bitter about not being able to go due to maximum occupancy limits that Shane's parents have set. A few calling themselves rejects. I hope they are just kidding around but if not, I think seems pretty petty. Joelle and I wanted to go last time Shane had a party up there but, we were not able to because he had already invited too many people. I realized that it was not Shane's fault. So I don't think it's necessary to make a big deal out of this. Especially if your were invited to go the first time and are not able to go this time.

My mom has her second surgery on Wednesday. I am worried because they are going to remove 60% of her liver. Fortunately the liver is an amazing organ. One of the few that can regenerate itself. People can live with a very small partion of their liver. All I can really do is try and be/think positively, even though at times that can be hard. We are all leaving the cottage on Friday. We will be going to see my mom in the hospital. We will also prolly go see my cousin J.R. who got drunk and fell from a tree and broke his ankle really badly. Apparently he is ok though, but, he has pins in his leg and will need some serious physical rehabilitation. Hopefully he's learned a lesson out of this experience. We will have my mom's car to use that weekend so hopefully we can find some friends and some fun stuff to do, even if it's just more hangin with some good peeps.

Album currently being played: Frank Lorber - Jailhouse Rocker

Really good Electro music.... Really good.

Well, it's almost time for me to jet. Have a good one everyone.




At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


just wnat you to understand that I think disappointment is being mistaken for bitterness. While eveyonr understands that not being able to go to the cottage is reasonable, and not to be taken personally, it's hard not too, it's human nature. No one is angry at anyone. My only complaint is that he could've mentioned this weeks ago, because I know he was thinking too many were coming a long time ago. That's all. Everyone totally appreciates where Shane is coming from, no one wants the cottage to be taken away from him. It's just dissappointing, that's all. Nothing petty about it. We had a great time at Andrew's mom's cottage, and we're glad everyone had fun up at shane's. I think everyonme is getting too mature to handle it any other way. Just wanted you to know haw to take that "rejects" thing, so there is absolutely no hard feelings.




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