Friday, July 16, 2004

It's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!

Fridaaaaay, is the last day, and then it's W-E-E-K-E-N-D!  It's weekend! that's right it's W-E-E-K-E-N-D !  It's weekend!
The first sentence in each of my posts this week are lyrics from an Arling and Cameron song called Weekend.  It's a pretty funny song from an album called Music for Imaginary Films.  The album is a concept album of songs from films that were never made.  I even have Cameron's autograph in my copy cuz we won an extra copy when we went to see them play. 
This week was kinda a test.  I wanted to see if I could write a post every weekday of this week.  It's prolly not gonna happen like that any more.  I read an article on Blog burnout.  It was pretty interesting.  I'll still post but, prolly not as frequently. 
This weekend I am going to work on some music.  Joelle is going out with some girls from London .  On Saturday, I have a doctors appointment, first thing in the morning.  I'm getting a full physical and bloodtest which means I can't eat or drink anything but water after 10pm tonight.  I better eat a big dinner I guess.  After 6pm I have my friend Ryan's Bday to go to.   Should be fun cuz I am sure he and most attendees will get pretty drunk/enlightened and have a good time. 
Week after next Joelle and I are going to my friend Shane's parent's cottage.  I am looking forward to this cuz I'd like some time to unwind and hang with some good friends.  Some people are dissapointed that they won't be able to go, due to the maximum occupancy limitations Shane's parents have set on theur cottage.  8 people max.  It's unfortunate because everyone would love it if everyone else could come but bottom line is, there is only 3 bedrooms and just not enough room to fit everyone.  I sorta gave Shane a bit of grief (totally jokingly of course) about not inviting us last time but, I was already familiar with his parents rules (cuz they only allow 3 people in their pool at once as well) so I tried to back him up last time this fiasco occured and people were pissed at him then.  I don't think people should be upset with him if they made the assumption that there was some kinda auto invite without clearing it with him first, especially since this already occured once.  He even offered to hold another cottage party in August specifically for those that cannot make it this time just so they don't feel ripped off.  He assured me then that this time we would be able to go.  It should be fun.  I booked the week of work.  I'm planning on taking my laptop for some music and what not.  If things slow down enough while I am there I may attempt to work on my web site some more.  I'll just play it by ear though, I am sure there will be a lot of other activities to participate in.
First Album of the day:
Richard Davis - Safety
I picked up this CD when I was in Koln Germany.  This guy writes amazing tech house.  His tracks are really deep and have an honest sound to them.  His production is exceptional and keeps it interesting.  His tracks are sure to make most people with soul/funk, shake their ass with enjoyment. 

ok, that's it.


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