Monday, July 12, 2004

Trial n' Error n' Repair

Monday, is not a funday. Friday, I went over to my friends Greg and Kati's place. We threw down a couple of games on ye olde PS2 (he basically whooped my ass at every game (prolly cuz he owns the system and I barely ever play). He refused to play me at the games he knew I would win at (ie Crash Nitro Kart). We worked on some samples, talked about some programs, smoked, ate... good times. Later I went home and attempted to figure out this program called Melodyne. It is a crazy sequencing program but it wasn't working quite right with my computer. After hours of messing with it I read the system requirements. My desktop computer was 100mhz short on processing power. Fortunately I can still use my laptop with it. I got to sleep at around 4-4:30am.

Saturday Joelle got up early and headed to the beach with some friends of ours. I woke up at around 11:30am determined to get some music accomplished. I had an idea in my head and I really wanted to get it sorted out. I got a drum track recorded and I decided I wanted to do some vocals. I set up a mic and was just about to record when I hit my next snag. My mic was not sending any signal. At first I thought it was my mixers mic power (aka phantom power) so I called Steve's music store repair dept. and talked to my frined Davey. He said if it was the phantom power that it should be easy to fix. He suggested a few things to try first. I swapped cables, I checked every channel on my mixer, I cleaned all the connectors. By that point I was just frustrated, and Joelle had called and told me that I should not miss the day and be inside, so I got on my bike and rode down to the ferry and took it out to Toronto Island (Ward's Island actually). Apparently I took the right boat cuz, there was 2 girls that were dress somewhat like school girls and they started making out and putting their hands up each other skirts. It was pretty hot. Myself and everyone else on the boat were basically trying not to stare but judging by the expressions on most peoples faces, everyone had an "is this for real?" look on their face. They finally stopped when a family walked by them. Once I made it to the island, Joelle met me and we went down to the beach where I met everyone else and shared my wondeful ferry story. Joelle, Grog, Mook, MLE, Zoe, and Robin were all there. Grog Mook and I threw a frisbee around for a bit, then a few of us snuck off for a lil smoke break. When we got back Joelle, Robin and I made a sand spaceship/sand hole for Zoe (who is about 2) to play in. Zoe was having a blast, especially when I made her a tunnel in the sand to drive her cars through. I showed Zoe how to skip stones, and give the thumbs up, and we found some cool shells in the water. Kids are fun. Then, we got packed up, and headed towards the dock. We met up with peter, grog's brother and got on the ferry and all rode back home. Once we got home I both Joelle and I were pretty pooped from the sun and riding so we chilled.

I later went back up into the studio and gave everything another shot. I decided that there was 1 obvious thing I did not try with my Mic issue. I took another mic I had and plugged it in. It worked fine (but it was not the type of mic I really wanted to use). I realized then that the problem must be the mic. At first I was a bit annoyed because I only had bought the mic about a month ago. Then I though that perhaps it had a battery inside that needed to be changed. I looked everyewhere on the net to find out how you opened the mic but was unsuccessful. Finally I said "fuck it" and I twisted the bad boy, with one good twist it started to unscrew. Success! I then found out that somehow, there was a button inside the mic that had been pushed. I just had to push it back in and then it worked fine. I was very happy then. So I thought, "hmmm, maybe I'm on a roll of good luck", so, I tried Melodyne again. I found that I could get it to work if I turn off some of the features that I don't really need anyway. So, needless to say, I was in much better spirits then.

Brian Eno is a music producer and artist. He has produced several bands like Depech Mode, U2, and Slowdive. He used to be in the original line up for Roxy Music. He created Oblique Strategies with Peter Schmidt and Daniel Lanois (a famous Canadian music producer). Oblique Strategies is a deck of cards that gave random suggestions while trying to work on artisitic creations (mainly music but it will work on pretty much anything). If you need an idea for something, you pick a card out of the deck and follow it's instructions. One of the main cards says something like, "if you hit a wall, take a walk" basically because it can give you a new perspective on what you are doing. I should have listened to him earlier I guess.

Sunday, Joelle and I got up, cleaned the whole house, and then went for a walk to pick up Bday presents for My friends Matt and Mark. I got them some records, then we went to New York Sub for some jumbo burrito's (my friends Shane never leaves Toronto anymore without some delicious New York Sub) . We then went to Winners where I we exchanged some shorts that did not fit me for some new ones that are way better. We then went home, waited for our friends Dave and Angela, then we went to the Harbourfront center for the festival. Our friends Matt, Mark and Dawn (the band's name is Repair (formerly "the Wax Bean Orchard") were performing outdoors, live as the last act for the whole festival. It was really good. The sound system was a lil sub par for the size of the venue but it was still good none the less. It was a hot hot sunny day (and I got a bit of a sunburn but nothin too bad). There was this dude there doing some kinda dance that I can only describe as interpretive electro ballet. The guy was on crack or something, it was pretty funny, then all these professional break dancers came out and rocked out some killer moves on the grass. It was quite impressive. My old high school friend Jeremy Hobbs (who lives in London) was there. It was kinda odd talking to him cuz we used to be really good friends then, we kinda had a bit of a falling out but, that was high school. When the show was over a bunch of us walked back to Joelle and I's place where we order some food, listened to some tunez, and then we headed over to matt and Marks for the Bday/afterparty. It was really good. I talked with Jeremy more and remembered that he is a good guy, he can just be a lil messed up sometimes, but, can't we all. I had a few drinks then we headed home. Dave and Ang slept at our place cuz, Ang had a job interview this morning. I hope she gets it because I know they are really excited about moving from London to Toronto. I can't blame them, I was the same way when I was ready to move.

Today, was meh. I was so busy since the beggining of the day that I didn't realize what time it was till about 2:45pm. So I went for lunch where I had a huge assed serving of pasta with chicken parmasien and vegetables. I feel pretty crappy about eating that much cuz I'm trying to lose a bit of weight cuz I've been gaining more ever since I started driving a desk for a living. So, Joelle and I have decided to walk home tonight. I'd say it's roughly 3km's to our house. Usually we ride our bikes or take transit but,. it is a nice looking day outside so it should be nice.

Wow, that seemed like a long assed post. If you made it this far, congratulations, you win!




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