Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who are you?

Tuesday, another bluesday.

We live in a messed up world. I think if we could proove there was life on other planets, people might stop thinking so much about themselves and put a bit more energy into each other but, I could be wrong. Maybe too much of western civilization focus on things like how they look when they wake up in the morning rather than, "wow, there are people dying in the world cuz they don't have enough food to eat". I am just as guilty as everyone else. I am anti TV shows like "The Swan" and "What not to Wear". I believe fashion is just a mass belief that something is better than other things but, who decides this, and what makes them right? I believe that personal identity is very important. People should wear what they want and look the way they want. It's they way we advertise who we are. Not that there is anything really wrong with wearing something that is considered "Fashionable", it's just that when I see a large amount of people wearing the same thing (ie the foam and mesh hats which have been revived from the 80's) my first instinct is to think that the person wearing it really is just letting the masses influence them on how to identify themselves but, I could very well be wrong. I know I am guilty of this too (but I refuse to wear a foam and mesh hat). Trendiness is not a horrible thing, I just think that the masses pour too much energy focusing on it rather than really important things in the world. Perhaps more people need to stop and pull back and look at the big picture more often. This whole paragraph is pure opinion and trivial. I know that it could be debated until the end of time and as I stated, I am guilty of this too but, I still find it sad to think about, and I think about it because it's in front of our faces everyday.

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Today's first album of the day: Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

Kraftwerk is just amazing electronic music before the word techno was ever even fathomed.


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Dude, Fashion is more for girls than anything else and we currently live in a world were a big part of our lives is how we look. Right now it seems that we will never get past this because right now we don't need to fight for our survival. We don't need to worry much about food, or where we are going to sleep. So what have we got left? How we look. I'm just throwing that out there. But I don't shop much for clothes or what's the latest fashion. I just where what feels comfortable.



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