Monday, August 16, 2004

Anotha Weekend.

This weekend was pretty good. Friday, Joelle and I went out and got some Thai penang penut curry on steamed rice for dinner. Mmmmm, so good. After dinner we went to see AVP. It was good. I won't say anything more about it because I don't like ruining the experience for other people who haven't seen it. we came home and watched the opening for the Olympics. I really liked the opening. It was very theatrical and had some cool parts like having Bjork sing. Bjork's song seemed a bit odd for the olympics but her stage performance was still cool. Her dress kept getting longer and longer throughout her song. I find it kinda cool that the olympics are back in Greece, where they began so long ago.

Saturday, I woke up. I was gonna hang out with my friend Clint but I was having some phone technical difficulties while tryin to contact him. So, I chilled, smoked and watched syncronized diving, an event that is new and very cool to watch. I also watched a bit of Volleyball. I think it's interesting to see professionals in action. It really shows you how good you can get if you practice at one thing day after day. Saturday night we went to our friends Karen and Chad's for a small party. It was nice, pretty chill but good to see friends that I haven't seen for a while.

Sunday I got up, watched some more olympics, Joelle went out so, I decided that I was gonna get some new sunglasses. I walked up to Queen St. but could not find any up there that I liked. Really, I just wanted my old sunglasses back. I found a few T-Shirts that I really liked though so I picked them up, then on my way home I went to a camping supply store and found a pair that I liked. They still weren't as cool as my old pair but I needed sunglasses now, and these ones weren't bad. Afterwards I went home, grabbed my bike and headed over to my my friends Ryan and Kara's place. Ryan and I went for a bike ride, along the lake shore then up beside the DVP past Eglington, then we turned around and went back down, through the old brickworks, then through rosedale, along wellesley, then back home. We rode for about 4-41/2 hours and let me tell you, my legs feel like rubber! Joelle and I then went and hung out for a bit at our friends MLE and Grog's. Then came home and I crashed, HARD!

That was my weekend.

Current album: Skinny Puppy - Last Rights

This album is like no other. It is very dark and crazy but, it has a beauty and feeling to it that is very honest to this band. This is one of my favorite SP albums. I think many people misinterpret this band and their intentions.




At 10:07 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

What's AVP? (I'll probably figure this out before you get back to me :))



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