Tuesday, August 03, 2004

back 2 werk

Now I'm back to the same ol' B.S.. I had a wicked time last week at my friend Shane's Parent's cottage. Three mighty huge hurrah's for Shane! I have never played so much hackey sack or Scrabble in my life. I think my hackey skills have definitely improved. We did lots of fun stuff. Lotsa swimming, drinkin, smokin, chillin, watchin movies, frisbee, gourging on food, card playin, and listening to music and sittin in the sun.

My mom had her surgery last Wednesday. That was a hard day because it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up that morning so, I kinda let it get to me. It was hard to not think about it, especially when I couldn't get a hold of anyone in my family to find out how it was all going. I finally decided that there was nothing I could do so I just had to put it out of my mind. That day we went to Grieg's Caves. It was awesome. There were a few caves you could crawl right into and stand up. We weren't entirely sure if the family who ran the caves was the "Grieg's" so, I kept telling people that the Grieg was a sasquatch that lived in the caves and we had to be careful or else he'd get us. It was lots of fun, I'd definitely pay $5 to go there again. The next day I talked to my sister and found out that my mom's surgery went very well. The doctors only had to remove 50% of her liver as opposed to 60%. The doctors thought they had found another spot but they scoped it and found that it was non cancerous. My mom was up and walking around the next day. Things are looking much better now, I am starting to feel a bit of weight off my concious. We saw her on Saturdayand Sunday. She was on a lot of pain killer so she was pretty dopey. I talked to her on the phone yesterday, she said she was feeling much better.

KEMF 9 is next weekend. I am not sure that Joelle and I can make it due to timing and finances but, we'll see. Perhaps it is still possible.

Well, time to attempt to catch up on work.

First Album of the Day:

LCD Soundsystem -

this band's lead singer/guitarist is the guitarist for !!! (chk-chk-chk). It has a great raw punky sorta sound mixed with electronic elements. Wicked stuff.


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