Monday, August 30, 2004


So it's Monday. I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Friday Joelle and I went to our friends Ryan and Kara's new place. We hung out for a bit chilled, smoked, drank, etc... When we got home I managed to get Cubase working in Panther (I'm sure that doesn't mean a lot to anyone but me) and I fixed my remote desktop connection in Windows by reinstalling XP on top of itself. Here is the fun part though, as soon as I managed to get remote desktop fixed, I got a virus, i booted in safemode, then removed it, then I got it again! WTF, Windows, this would only happen in friggin Windows. Anyhow, so I've been trying to remove this virus for good ever since.

Saturday, the weather was crap. I got up late and went down to Songbird to visit my friend Matt who had just returned from Germany. He told me about his trip and it seems he had a really good time. He seemes determined to move to Germany and I can't really blame him. Ity is a really nice country and his music will go far there. Matt is a very talented musician and he tought me a lot of what I know about synthesizers. Later I headed home. Joelle and I were bored out of our skulls so, we decided to finally take on a task that we had been putting off for a while now. Organizing CD's. It took quite a while cuz we put everything in alphabetical order and to our best abilities, Chronological. It felt really good once we finished cuz our CD's looked a lot better and we knew it would be a while before we would hafta to do it again.

Sunday we took things really slow cuz it was once again it was pissing down rain. So we decided to finally watch our copy of Apocalypse Now Redux. Joelle had never seen it. I liked the extra footage. Always a good flick. The rest of the day I just did some network file management and more teching, nothing too exciting.

I've had a weird numbness in the top of my left leg since Friday. I have no other symptoms than less sensation in that part of my leg. I called Telehealth Ontario, and the said I should go to a hospital but, I know they say that to almost everyone because they do not want to be held liable for anything. I prolly will go get it checked out but I just need to find time to do it cuz I am sure it will be close to a 4 hour wait at a hospital. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

First Album of the Day: Frivolous - Somewhere in the Suburbs

This album is on Karloff Rekordings, a side project label of Substatic recordings. This disc is good. It had a lot of interesting sounds on it and it ranges through a few different styles, mostly deep tech house. I got this disc as a gift from my friend Falko in Germany (Owner of Substatic). Falko is also a phenominal musician along with his girlfriend MIA.



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