Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Few people I know have been updating their blogs lately. Guess nothing interesting is happenening. I wish they would, I like reading 'em in my spare time at work.

I think I'm gonna sell my Mac G4 and buy a G5. I realized last night that my computer is finally hitting a few barriers for todays audio and graphic software so, I feel it's time to upgrade. I can prolly get some pretty decent coin selling my G4 as a complete multimedia machine. My G4 is a solid machine and has been reliable for me for nearly 5 years now and it still does pretty much everything I want. I'd definitely say I got my $ worth outta it already. I just want to stay current if I can. I wish there was a G5 Powerbook but, according to some forum posts I read, the processor still gets so hot, that if it were put into a laptop case it would burn the user. The newest G5 processors are liquid cooled, as opposed to just fan cooled. The dilemma is, should I wait for the G5 Powerbook, or, buy a G5 Tower

Current Album : Ministry - Twitch

In my opinion, the best Ministry album. My 2 favorite songs on this album are, The Angel, and Over the Shoulder.



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