Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the 13th! Ch-ch-ch! Ha-ha-ha!

Today is a really boring day so far. Unlike yesterday which was a hell day of technical problem chaos. Bell royally screwed up our email system and I had to deal with Bell, Bellnexxia, Sympatico, and BellCanadaHosting to get things back to a point to where we were functioning again. In the end it wasn't even Bell that fixed the problem, it was me just experementing with email port changes. Our company could not send any emails yesterday till about 3:30pm. Bastards.

Today I'm just doing some of my more repetative, tedious tasks. I am just taking a quick break. The weather outside sucks. I wanna go home, take a nap, and work on some music, right now.

Current Album: Space Time Continuum: Sea Biscuit

These guys always create very nice textural electronic music with great beats and rythyms. The main person involved in this project is Jonah Sharp. The style of music ranges from ambient to techno to jazz. Great musicians. If you ever are looking for some mind expansion, check out their video "Alien Dreamtime" with words by Terrance Mckenna.


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