Tuesday, August 10, 2004

gamez, foodz, booze, n' mo

I tried to write some music on the weekend. I am working on somw new project ideas but I am trying to make it different from music I have written before. This can be tricky because I am having to learn new was to create music. I got a good start on a track but I sorta hit a wall so I decided to take a break on Saturday.

I ended up going over to my friend's Ryan and Kara's new house that they bought. It is pretty nice, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a decent size living room and kitchen and 2 small patio's. They took a break from painting for the evening so, we played some PS2, smoked a bit, then played some booze checkers (where each piece is a shot glass full of booze). Ryan had a good poker face cuz he did not let it slip that he is a total checkers shark. We played for 20 minutes, I got maybe 2 of his pieces, then he set me up so every single move I made, I was going to lose a piece. I drank all my shots within the next 5 minutes. 4 shots of baileys, 2 shots of brandy, and the rest were 70%JD and 30% gingerale. Needless to say, I got fairly drunk but wasn't bombed or anything. I told Ryan that he had to drink all his shots within the same amount of time, which he pretty much did before I even finished that sentence. then we watched The Big Lebowski, a movie that I really like but had only seen once before (gasp!). I staggered home and tried to work on some music some more but was unsuccessful cuz I was gettin a pretty big headache already. I drank some water, took some Ibuprofen and headed to bed.

Sunday I woke up around 12 or so. I got up and headed over to my friend's Greg and Kati's place for about 2pm. Greg had invited a few people over to have a Athens 2004 olympics tournament on his PS2. He even bought a mulitap adapter for this special occasion. We played for a bit to warm up while it was raining outside. Once it cleared up we walked up to Taste of the Danforth. It's the Greek festival that is held each year. They close off the street and sell lots of tastey food (mostly souvlaki and gyros) for pretty cheap and all the food is delicious. I had a souvlaki, some chicken satays with penut sauce and 2 tacos all for $9. Mmmmm. After about an hour and a half, we headed back to finish our tournament. There was only 4 of us in the final tournament. I unfortunately came in last but, hey, gimme a break, it was my 3rd time ever playing the game and everyone else playing owned a copy of it themselves. Some of the games are pretty labourous as well, lotsa button pushing.

I've been considering getting a game system for a while now. My fear is, if I get one that it will distract me too much from my other hobbies. They are getting pretty cheap though. There is a place that sells systems near my work. They have PS2's for $130 and Xboxes for $140. I'm torn. I'd hafta wait till I have some $ to burn anyway.

Well, back to werk.

First Album of the Day:

Anthony Rother : Hacker

This guy is one of my favorite Electro producers. His stuff is very Kraftwerk-esque but with much more of an indutrial, breakdance, body rock type of feel to it.




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