Wednesday, August 25, 2004

OK, allow me to geek out for a sec. As many of you know, on top of serveral other duties/positons at my job I am the only IT person in our office. I mean I fix everything from insanely hard to figure out server/email/network problems to small lame assed "My CD won't play! Can you fix it" kind of problems. For the past while I have been trying to fix a problem in our general councils Outlook. It totally stumped me. I've tried everything. One problem is that this problem is so intermittant that it is hard to catch and or replicate. I called in our IT specialist who has all of his certification with Microsoft and even he is stumped. We have a few ideas of what to try but when we tried some of them, we encountered new problems.

I am also a Mac user and some would most likely say that I am biased when it comes to which platform I believe is better (even though I have debated for both sides before) . In the past few years or so, I have decided to try my best and be more open minded about which has better uses for what. Here is the deal though. Yes PC's cost less and more people use them but honestly, I find that, honestly and truly, most PC's require about 75% more technical attention than any of my Macs. That's not to say that Macs never have problems cuz, I used to be an Apple Technician so I've dealt with a few Mac doozies before. Still, now that I am a tech for both platforms, I have to say... Windows is really a very poorly developed OS. Perhaps back when Win95 or 98 came out it was still up there in the world of OS's but all Microsoft has done is just patch up the same OS they started with over and over to the point where it runs like poo and it is a bitch to fix certain things. Even Mac knew when it was time to just wipe the slate clean and start over again. I have heard rumours on non mac related forums that longhorn won't even come close to the funtionality of Tiger (which is Mac's new OS 10.4) and it is still 2 years away from being released. With competition from companies like Apple, Linux, and Unix. I think that Microsoft better make some serious changes and fast or else they won't be able to maintain the popularity they currently have. I think Microsoft are really "resting on their laurels" at the moment.

Alright, enough computer garbage.

Current Album : My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

This album is the fucking shit. Hands down, One of the most best shoegazer albums ever. Anything Kevin Shields touches is amazing.


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