Monday, August 23, 2004

Treats for Teets!

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday I took the day off work cuz I was not feeling well ; ) so, I chilled and did a few things around the house. At 6 Joelle, our friend Carrie and myself left for Sarnia to work at a bake sale for chartity. We made a few brief stops in St. Thomas and Strathroy and saw some good friends of mine then, continued onward to Sarnia. We made to Sarnia at about 10:30 0r 11 pm. We stayed at Joelle's parent's new place. It's pretty nice. Smaller, but, it's all that they need cuz their kids are all moved out into their own places so, no need for them to have a place that is just more difficult to take care of.

I broke down and did something I said I wouldn't. I bought a 3rd party iPod batter. I only bought it because they went down to $30 USD and I felt bad for always using Joelle's MP3/CD player. I ordered it Thursday afternoon and it arrived Friday morning! I was suprised seeing as it came all the way from California. Opening my iPod was simpler than I thought it would be but, here is the really shitty thing. It didn't fix my iPod. So after shipping and everything, I spent close to $70 CAD. I can send the battery back but I will lose $15 USD for a restocking charge and Hafta go through the hassle of returning it. I am going to mess with it for a few more days and see if I can figure out why it is not working. My guess at the momnet is it is eaither a software issue or a hard drive issue.

Saturday morning we got up at about 8am. I was super tired. We went out to to our friend Karen's Parent's place in Courtright where the Hydrofest was going on as well as the bake sale the girls were holding. Our friend Emily is going to walk 60 km over 2 days in Toronto and she needed to raise $2000 to be able to enter. Hydrofest is mainly boat races along the St. Claire river, as well as a beer tent and live bands that played down the road. The girls had made soooo many delicious treats to sell to make money towards helping breast cancer research. Seeing as it was a really good cause, my mom has cancer, and I am a fan of boobs, I was more than happy to help out. In fact everyone really pulled together to make is a great event. The guys set up tables and a canopy while the girls set up the food. I was going to try to stick to my diet and not eat a lot of sweets but, it was no good. There was just too much deliciousness and not enough real food around so, I helped out th balloons and wrote things like "Help save boobies" and "bake sale" and "4 cancer research" on them, I hung up a couple of signs and I even wore a flaurecent jacket while waving ballons and flagging cars to pull in and yelling at the ones with open windows. I think it helped but, I was foolish and diod not put sunscreen on for the first few hours. I got pretty burnt, and it started to hurt. By the evening, I just had to go inside until the mean ol' sun went away. That night we went down to the beer tent. We heard a few bands (who weren't the greatest in my opinion) drank a couple of beers, had a burger and headed back. The sun had whooped my ass and we were all fading fast. Fortunately Karen's mom had an aloe plant so I put some on my burns and took an advil, hit the bed and passed out.

The next morning, I could hear people getting up and moving around but, I just could not get up. The sun does that to me, if I get burned I need to stay out of the sun and sleep. So I slept until 11:30am. When I came down everyona had the bake sale all set up already. I put on some more aloe and sunscreen, long pants and a hooded sweatshirt so I was totally covered. The bake sale did not do quite as much business as the first day but the girls met their goal. They sold almost $1200! It turned out great. Karen's mom made a big pot of chilli and other food so we all sat down to a big meal, then gathered our stuff and headed back to the big T.O.. We got home at around 9:30pm, we watched some TV, and headed to bed.

Now, it's back to the same old grind.

First album of the day: Eric Downer's 20 minute workout

It is a DJ mix of my good friend Eric downer. As you can guess it's only 20 minutes long. He is a really good DJ and has made quite a name for himself here in Toronto. I have known him since I lived in London and was one of the first DJ's I ever knew.


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