Friday, September 10, 2004


So, I guess I should make a post this week. It's Friday. the day so far has been moving at a decent speed. This morning All Bell Hoting customers were without email for about an hour (Which is an eternity for the people in my office cuz we do about 90% of our business through emails).

I am not taking a lunch today cuz I am leaving early from work to jump on a bus and head to London for the weekend.

Tonight I am going to see my good friend Mr Shane "Master" Baetz before he takes off to Mexico tomorrow. He is going there for work (he lives such a hard life ; P).

Saturday I am going to try my best to hardcore organize my mom's basement but, doing this alone is going to be a humongoid task. I am a lil nervous about starting it. Basically I have to go through tons of junk/"collectables" and organize it for my mom cuz she is too weak at the moment to do it herself.

Saturday night I am supposed to hook up with my buddy Dave "Arden" Walters. We are gonna hang out, maybe play some tunes and possibly proove our worthiness against each other by playing a few video games (unless he is to chicken to play because he fears being destroyed by my superior gaming skills ; P).

Sunday I gotta jet back to Toronto. Joelle and I are having some people over for a viewing of Enterprise, cuz it's just soo good. I know it seems totally geeky but I must admit, it is a fucking awesome show and in many ways superior to the previous star trek shows. The one thing I like about this series is that the story usually continues from episode to episode with less pointless filler episodes than most shows.

Joelle is working at the Weekend to End Breast Cancer all weekend with her 2 friends. I am really proud of them for doing this. It is a really good act of kindness and consideration to those who suffer with cancer.

Current Album: Bjork-Vespertine

I have heard a lot of news about Bjorks new album Medula which is mostly a cappella stuff featuring people like Mike Patton (from Faith No More and Mr. Bungle) and Rahzell (from the Roots, who is a phenominal beat boxer) anyhow, Vespertine is a very quiet, homey kind of album with lots of small chime sounds and lil wierd electronic bits produced by people like Matmos. A great album.


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