Friday, September 17, 2004

It's Friday again. I got about an hour before it's the end of the day. 67 minutes to be exact but I'm not watching the clock or anything ; )-.

I fixed a hell problem on someones PC today. It was due to a virus that tricks ad aware into thinking a system file is spyware, then when you run AA, it removes the file and you can't log in, even in safe mode. It took me a few hours to figure out.

I read up on Windows Service Pack 2 last night. Apparently there is a huge bug in it and it exposes your file to the net. Ahhh Microsoft, can you make anything that doesn't fuck up? So I uninstalled it from my PC.

Tonight, I dunno what I am gonna do. Joelle is going to hang out with her friend Robin so I guess I'll prolly just work on some music or something. I kinda wish I had a new game system. I'm sorta in the mood to play a good game. All the people I usually hang out with seem to have plans. I'm unfortunately a loser without any. Oh well, I should prolly do some more work in the studio anyway.

Current Album - None, I forgot my CD's at home so, I am listening to iTunes radio.
The Station : cliqhop
The current artist: Aphex Twin


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