Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Canada WINS! Normally I'm not known for promoting pride for any country in particular. It's not because I am not proud of my country, it's more because I find that sometimes people take national pride a bit too far (ie flipping over taxi cabs), and I believe that people should really focus on be proud of being a good human being in general and not judge someone based on nationality.

In any case I do love parties and last night was the party! Joelle and I invited a few friends over for the game. Initially I was kinda hoping that Canada would totally slaughter Finland but I found as the game went on, the close score did indeed make it more entertaining. As soon as the the last few momewnts of the closing ceremony finished, we turned down the volume and we could hear the car horns start blaring. Our friend Karen rode her bike home, grabbed their car and we drove down to see what was happening near the ACC. When we got close on Front Street, all we could see was red and white chaos. Flags everywhere, peoples hands raised giving the #1 sign, hi fiving, and the universal word "Wooooooo!!!" mixed with car horns was all that that you could hear. We considered parking near front street but it was so chaotic that we decided to see what was happening on Yonge St.. It was packed with people, we drove down it and I was in the passenger seat. I gave so many hi five's, by the end of the night, my hand was numb. I am also certain that many people's voices are horse from yelling "Woooo!!!!" for hours on end. We parked for a bit and walked up and down Yonge Street. There were people on signs and lamp posts, hanging out sun roofs, running down the middle of the street, and jumping over the fountains in Dundas Square. CHAOS! I saw some girls in a car, hanging out of a sun roof surrounded by raging male hockey fans. She was taunting them by taking her top off, but she was wearing a bra. Of course all the guys were screaming "go all the way" but she got a bit freaked out and hid back inside the car. I'll admit I was kinda interested in seeing a free showbut, I had respect for her not causing something that could have got real ugly but, then after they drove up another block, the idiot girl did it again! This time some dude tried to rip off her shirt, then the police got involved. I heard the cops tell the girls that they did not want to see any part of them outside of their car again, and then the cops followed the girls the rest of the way down Yonge St. After that we ran into our friend Rob and some of his friends. We saw a bit more craziness, then we decided to head back home at around midnight. It was really cool to see how quickly the city had transformed into a total party. I am sure there are hangovers a plenty today.

Anyhow, good Work Team Canada! Let's hope the lockout does not last too long so we can enjoy some more great games.

Current Album: Wax Bean Orchard - Rainbow Love Clay

This is an old album put out in 1993 by my friends Matt and Mark Thibideau and Dawn Lewis. Now they are known as Repair and their music is quite different but this album is still great and very well produced. It has element s of dark gothic, industrial, techno, ambient and triphop. Their new album is phenominal, I am sure once it is released to CD that it will do very well in sales.


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