Friday, September 24, 2004


It's Friday once again. This week has been somewhat uneventful due to being dirt poor because of "the Man". I can't wait for payday, and even more so, I can't wait for my income tax return. I need some $. I have been planning out how I am going to spend my return already. I have a few things I definitely wanna get like a Processor upgrade for my Mac G4 tower, a Mbox Audio Interface, and a few option possibilities like a PS2, or a Minidisc recorder. I found out yesterday that a minidisc recorder may not work as well as I hoped due to Sony not making the minidisc doftware for mac so, in order to xfer files to it, I'd hafta either transfer everything in real time or, use my PC (ick!).

I broke down last night, after fighting with my stupid PC for weeks, and getting it to work only to have it screw up the following day, I finally just zeroed the HD, and reinstalled Windows. It seems to be working fine now so I am trying to just install only what I need.

This weekend I am going to Harvest Festival. Harvest is a party held once a year by Justin, a long time acquaintance of mine. It is always a very fun party with great music, good people, and a great environment without the freaky sketchiness you normally encouter at most outdoor parties. This year we rented an SUV with our friends Karen and Chad and we are heading up early to set up our tents, get some food and play a lil capture the flag (which is a new thing that is happenening earlier in the day this year). I'm sure the whole night will be a good time and will be a good escape from the city.

Current Album : Electronic Bubonic - one two

I have mentioned this album before. This is my friend Chris' album. He has been reworking it and fine tuning it so he can send it off to be mastered. He has asked me for my opinions and I have been trying to give him some constructive criticism but still let him know that I am being subjective and that it is only personal opinion and that there are no real rules so he can take or leave my advice . It is a great album. I am also designing the cover art for him, all from his ideas.


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