Friday, October 15, 2004

Ministry / TKK

My friend got us free passes to go see Ministry, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Hansel und Gretyl. It was a pretty big Goth fest. I think I may have stood out cuz only my sweatshirt and shoes were black.

Hansel und Gretyl opened and personally, I thought they totally sucked ass. IT was 2 girls and 2 guys, all of them total wankers and it was german death metal. The thing that really pissed me off is in one of their songs they did nothing but scream "Ich bin ein uber alles" while they whaled on their guitars over top of big long samples taken from Kraftwerk's song Numbers. I actually went to the batyhroom and jammed toilet paper in my ears to escape their annoying sound, of course, this is just my opinion.

Thrill Kill Kult were next. They were great. They weren't quite as active on stage as I thought they would be but, they were still very cool. There was only 1 bomb gang girl (there used to be 3 I believe) and there was no guitarist, and the lead singer Groovy Mann was lookin a lil haggered and worn thin (but also seemed good and f'd up on drugs). Still though, they were really fun to see and dance to. They played some classics like Kooler than Jesus, A Daisy Chain for Satan and Sex on Wheels. They also had some great trippy visual playing on a big screen behind them. I think they were my favorite of the night. They were also the best sounding (dynamically) and the tightest group out of all the acts.

Finally Ministry came on, They were ok, nothing special though. The sound mixing was not done that well as some sounds were much louder than others. They played some new, and some old. They bashed bush of course and at the beggining of their show, Al and another band member beat up a guy wearing a George W. Bush mask. They also had visuals but it was a bit to much. Maybe I'm getting old but, I just felt like this show had been done many times before.

I got home at around 1 and went to bed. Now I am at work and I am really tired.

First Album of the Day: Air - Talkie Walkie

My ears are still ringing a bit from the show last night but this is a great album that is very well written. These guys are talented musicians and seem to be able to pull off many different styles and genres but still maintain a sound that is definitly their own.


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