Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Turkey withdrawl

It's Tuesday, the day after Thanksgiving. Joelle and I didn't really have much of a Thanksgiving. We didn't have a big meal with all the fixin's. We didn't even have a single scrap of turkey, which is kinda sacreligious a bit for me cuz, Turkey, is possibly my all time favorite food, (well, meat anyway) and I am from the Turkey capital of Canada, and possibly the world. I kinda missed it. We were just too poor to make it home this year. Instead we stayed at home and attempted to entertain ourselves, although we did feel a lil stir crazy by Saturday. We would have gone out but, as I said, we had no $.

Last night was pretty good though. We cleaned up our place and had a few people over to watch the season premiere of Enterprise. Yeah, I know, kinda geeky but, I still cannot express how much that show rocks. Maybe it's just cuz I saw it from the first episode, but even my friend who just started watching it recently says she is really starting to love it.

Other than that we watched TV, and I worked on music all weekend.

I finally got my PC working properly again (knock on wood). My friend showed me this firewall software recently called Zone Alarm. Even the freeware version works so well that I got rid of big bulky Norton Antivirus from my machine and I am just using Z.A. now. So far it works amazingly.

I'm still waiting for my tax return. I really want it cuz I have held off from buying anything for weeks now. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

First Album of the Day: Burger/Ink - Las Vegas

A great album from 2 very influential producers from Germany. This album has a very deep tech house type feel, with a touch of dubbiness and guitar melody. A very good Album.


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