Thursday, July 14, 2005

back for now

Ok, so, I have decided to do a new post on here. I'll be honest, I doubt I'll ever be religious about updating this blog but, recently I have been thinking about giving an update.

What have I been up to? Well, the generic answer would be "not Much" but, that's never really true. I think most people just say that cuz it's a hell of a lot easier than stopping and thinking about the question, then formulating descriptive sentences about activities in your life that are most likely only interesting to you. Well, if you are still interested in what's new with me, then continue reading...

Since I last posted I have moved to a new place. I really like the newplace. It is a lil smaller but, it has a much nicer layout overall. The place has central A/C, which I can tell you, right now, in Toronto, is totally vital to anyone survival. We took some time before we moved in and painted the place which made a huge difference. The location is awesome. We are just south of Queen St. On Richmond near Bathurst. I have been loving being able to walk about a minute and a half to suspect video to rent great movies. Not to mention all the other great establishments in our new hood.

My studio is a bit bigger. It has a better layout and I have really been dedicating time and effort into making it work exactly how I want it to. I bought sound proofing which made a giant difference. Now I am in the process of soldiering new cables. Soldiering is a lil tricky. I can do it ok but, it get's really monotinous really quick. It's all for a greater good though so I am perservering. I have been chomping at the bit to get writing again.

I went to Sweden earlier this summer. Travelling out of the country is always inspiring. I had a very interesting experience in Sweden. The sun only set for about 2 hours a night so it was crazy to be out walking home drunk from a bar and the skies looking like it's 3pm instead of 3am. The first night I was there I woke up panicing cuz, I thought I was late for the seminar I was to attend, which was the whole reason I was there. There are a lot of blonde people there too, it's not just a myth, I'd say 30%-40% of the population.

Well, that's enough for now I guess. I will post more sometime soon, when I feel like it.



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