Monday, August 22, 2005

R.I.P. Robert Moog

I went to see my friends Matt and Falko play this Friday. Both played really great music. Joelle and I danced till about 4am. Saturday our friends Mike, Tina and their lil girl Taya came up to "the Tizdot". We took them to see the Annual 416 graphitti, hiphop, breakdance expo / thing a majigy that is located right beside my apartment. There were some really talented dancers and artists there. We hung out at my place all night as they had to get up early to head to the zoo. Sunday evening, my friends Matt, Mark, Greg, Falko and Wes came over for dinner. Mark and Joelle did all the cooking and let me tell ya, it was delicious. Falko is leaving back to Germany tonight so, I am glad he could make it by to check out my studio and so we could chat a bit. It was a great time.

This morning I was informed that Robert Moog, Inventor of the Moog Synthesizer and a pioneer in sound synthesis passed away. He was suffering from a form of brain cancer. He was known for being a very friendly person who enjoyed meeting new people from around the world. He invented some of the first synthesizers that were smaller than and entire room. Everyone from the Beatles to Boards of Canada have used his synthesizers. Without him, the synthesizer would most likely not be as common place as they are in our society today. This is a great loss to the electronic music world
and all musicians worldwide.

Rest in peace Bob, you will be missed.


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