Monday, September 26, 2005

I don't know

Humans assume way too much. Many people (including myself sometimes) often seem to preach ways about the right and wrong ways to live or experience life (or at least aspects of life) but, what does anyone know? I mean, almost everything we know was taught to us from some other person, who was taught by other people, etc... etc... So, unless someone experiences something first hand, how do they really know? I'm not saying there are no original idea's or independant thought out there cuz, obviously there has to be but, I often get the feeling that many people opt for an easy solution by following the opinions of the masses. I guess what I really find interesting is that most humans will use the assumptions as facts and often argue/debate these points to death even though in the end, they really don't "know".

For example: Did US astronauts really landed on the moon? I really don't know, I wasn't there but, all evidence I have seen would seem to show that they did.

People will even kill another human being, animal or even a plant based on "assumptions" passed down to them, and honestly, we really don't "know" if they are right or wrong.

I guess my point is, now that we can understand this, should we really be going around telling people that we "know" stuff or perhaps we whould begin to communicate with each other in a sense that we are aware that in many cases there could be different possibilities? Would this cause more confusion or would it solve more problems?

I don't know.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous jay said...

Let's start at the top you really "know" you are alive? I mean, is this precious "experience" you call life actually real?

How do you define what is real experience, what is known, how it is known? Apparently it is through experience that one knows something. Yet we both experience life and one believes in God and one believes in chance. How so, they are seemingly contradictory. Can both be true? Or is there more than experience that defines what is true and knowable?

At 9:54 AM, Blogger -s* said...

Well, I kind of feel like that answer is can only be answered by personal opinion. We don't really "know" anything but, through experience we gain wisdom as to what is likely to be the most possible outcome of any situation. In most cases (but, definitely not all) the most probable occurance is usually most likely to happen.

We need to know this in order to survive what most believe is "life". Survival of the species seems to be the most prodominate trate of every living organizm on this planet so, why should we be any different?

I'm not really saying that there are no answers out there, I am saying that we may never know these answers if the masses believe they know the answers already.

That being said, I also believe in the importance of individuality. People should believe in what they want to believe. People need to have independant thought, otherwise we would have no inovation or original ideas and life would get pretty boring.

I guess it's somewhat unrealistic to expect people to prioritize an idea above their beliefs that it's important to respect other peoples beliefs because, face it, we really don't "know", especially when they have already been taught to have unquestionable faith. Although I do belive if it were possible, people may not kill in the name of God.

Killing based on religion is so utterly rediculous. Seriously, if you have a God that is all knowing and all powerful, then why can't he kill for himself? In my opinion, killing for your God is basically saying "I'm stupid and my God is a lazy bully, and a jerk".

I sincerely feel we need to have living proof of life on other planets. Perhaps then people will decide whether they believe in a religion that was written thousands of years ago or just finally accept that we don't actually know anything.

Everything is a possibility.


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