Thursday, September 01, 2005


What's new? Hmm, well, I have been working on a new library of sounds for my synths. I lost about 3 years worth of samples recently when the SCSI hard drive in my sampler died on me. The real downside was that I was trying to finish some mixes at the time. I think this is turning out pretty good so far though. Tonight I think I am going to focus on new percusion sounds.

I went mountain biking at a place called Albion Hills last weekend with my friend Ryan. The weather was perfect. It was mostly cloudy but, it was nice and cool so there were no bugs and we kept pretty cool. We rode all of the trails so, according to the web page we must have rode at least 28 km's but, on our last run, we changed up and rode on different trails as we went along so I am guessing we prolly rode between 30-35km's that day. I felt great afterwards. I thought my legts would hurt but, the just ended up being a lil rubbery. It was great to be out and about in the outdoors. Albion Hills has such great trails and scenery. I definitely wanna go there again. We both took some pretty cool pics. It started to rain just as we were leaving so, I think we had a pretty perfect day for a bike ride. We got back in the city by about 5:30 or so.

We recently got Bell ExpressVu. Our friends live in a townhouse and their condo association recently passed a rule that states that no one may use a private satellite dish. So they had to switch over to a version of expressvu that comes through their phone jacks. So, we were able to buy our friends equipment from them for only $50. After a few days of fighting with the dish to get it set up, we are now able to get hundreds of channels.... almost all of them crap ; )

Other than that, not much is not much new with me.

It's sad news for all the people in New Orleans. Someone mentioned something to me this morning that these types of natural disasters occur all over the world pretty frequently. It's really only big news because it is in the US. In any case, it still sucks for all the people who lost everything but, at least the US is wealthy enough to be able to help their citizens in need unlike many other countries who are still suffering from things like the tsunami.


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